I'm Luke Weatherlow.

I design & build


Luke Weatherlow

I'm Luke, I create products for people who HATE marketing their businesses online. I help them make marketing a less scary term and get better results. When I'm not creating irresistible marketing campaigns and teaching my clients the best marketing techniques I can be found at the gym or having fun with my wife and our 3 year old daughter.

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Collaborated with clients / peers to create design specs that revolve around business goals. After all, user experience needs to not only work but revolve around specific actions.


Wireframed/Designed interfaces focusing on content priority, branding and focused on ease of use with all website interaction.


Built with love using HTML, CSS and Javascript using both front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap, Angular, Vue, and Vanilla JavaScript.


Managed ALL website projects built for multiple companies which included website updates, training, technical writing, screenshares, debugging, and after-hours server support.


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I have worked on hundreds of websites but often times cannot add these to my portfolio as they were done for different marketing agencies.

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Address : Erie, PA
Phone : 814.384.3339 - Email : luke@picklesofwar.com